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The Craziest Pier Fishing in America: Sebastian Pier, Florida

The Craziest Pier Fishing in America: Sebastian Pier, Florida

The Sebastian Fishing Pier is one of the craziest pier fishing hot spots in the whole country. Pier fishing can be one of the funnest ways to experience fishing. At this pier, dozens of anglers lined up with live shrimp on their hooks eager to catch themselves the BIG one. The waters here are filled with monstrous sized fish just waiting to be caught. Its a true test of MAN VS BEAST.

If you plan on fishing this spot because of this video, you need to understand that there are many unspoken rules of this inlet, and that you need to be respectful of other fishermen. Spend some time observing, talking and asking questions before you even cast out. Watch how other fishermen fish with each other. And seriously make an effort not to tangle up anyone’s lines. It may be intimidating, but people there are willing to help if they see you putting time and effort in learning.

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